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Sartorius PY-P26-2S EconoLINE Fiber - pH ,Ag/AgC Electrode with ATC

Sartorius Balances and Weighing Equipment
Easy to use and low maintenance, but with reliable and dependable materials, with an excellent price-to-performance ratio. EconoLINE electrodes have a low-resistance, A type glass membrane and Ag/AgCl reference system for dependable results. EconoLINE pH, Polysulfone Plastic body, Ceramic junc.,Gel Polymer, Cynlinder, BNC more ...
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Sartorius PY-P26-2S EconoLINE Fiber - pH ,Ag/AgC Electrode with ATC

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Sartorius PY-P26-2S EconoLINE Fiber - pH ,Ag/AgC Electrode with ATC
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SKU: PY-P26-2S


EconoLINE Electrodes Easy to use, low matienance but with reilable and dependable materials, low resistance A type glass membrane and Ag/AgCl reference system for dependable results

Need a dependable and reliable electrode that will performance with excellent price to performance ratio.EconoLINE gives you flexibility to recieve low matienance, easy to use electrode that is economic when it come time to replace.

  • Easy to use no refilling required with gel filled electrolyte
  • Easy to Clean with exterior wipedown epoxy body style
  • Protection tab to reduces breakage of glass membrane when sampling or from magnetic stir bars

Weight: 1.00 lb
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Model PY-P25-2S PY-P26-2S
Connectors BNC BNC/2.5 mm plug
Tip Type Cylindrical with tabs Cylindrical with tabs
Primary Product Type Electrodes, Sensors & Cells
Cable Length 1 m
Diameter 12 mm
Reference Junctions Single Patented Sealed
Electrode, Sensor, or Cell Type pH pH
Buffer Compatibility -
Reference System Ag/AgCl
Reference Junction Material Fiber Fiber
Components Electrode, Manual, 50mL refill bottle
Electrolyte filling solution -
Electrode material Polysulfone Plastic Polysulfone Plastic
Technical attribute
Temperature compensation Non Integrated Integrated ATC 2.5 mm plug NTC 10 KOhm
Parameters pH pH
Overall length Head Length: 40 mm; Shaft Length=== 120 mm

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