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Adam Equipment CPW-plus With Handlebar Industrial Scales Adam Equipment
The Adam Equipment CPW-plus models are multi-purpose industrial scales created for easy use. Featuring different options for units of measurement, portability, and an easy to read backlit indicator, the CPW-plus scales are durable and dependable for your every weighing need.

Specifications Chart

The CPWplus series of scales offers an extensive range of models and configurations to accommodate a variety of applications. Choose the basic CPWplus for compact portability, the CPWplus-P version with pillar mounted display, the CPWplus-M or CPWplus-L for large platforms, or the CPWplus-W with handlebars and wheels. Simple operation, a selection of platform sizes, battery and AC operation, and rugged construction all combine to make the CPWplus truly a great value in this industrial range.

  • All CPWplus scales utilize the same versatile indicator which features 4 weighing modes (lb, kg, oz, lb:oz), a crisp backlit display, color coded buttons with positive click feel, and simple, quick operation. The indicator can be mounted where you need it: on the scale, on a wall, or seated on a desk giving total flexibility for the best viewing position.
  • A bi-directional RS-232 interface allows connection to printers or computers. Using standard commands users can request gross, net and tare weights be sent automatically.
  • The optional Adam data collection software collects scale data and can produce charts and statistics, or export raw data to Microsoft® Excel or Word for further analysis.
Adam Equipment CPW-plus With Handlebar Scales

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Adam Equipment 600002028 AdamDU - Data Collection Program
Adam Equipment 600002028 AdamDU - Data Collection Program, add $90.25
Adam Equipment 3074010266 RS-232 Cable (Null Modem Type)
Adam Equipment 3074010266 RS-232 Cable (Null Modem Type), add $35.00
Adam Equipment 3074010507 RS-232 to USB Interface Cable
Adam Equipment 3074010507 RS-232 to USB Interface Cable , add $50.00

Specifications Chart

  • 4 Weighing units (b, kg, oz, lb:oz)
  • Hold function
  • Full range tare
  • Zero Tracking
  • External calibration
  • Simple 4 button operation
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Large stainless steel platform
  • Handlebar frame and wheeled base for mobility
  • Splashproof to protect from accidental spills
  • Non-slip adjustable levelling feet
  • Four load cell construction
  • Color coded keys
  • Modern low profile design
  • RS-232 bi-directional interface
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Auto sleep / power down function to save battery life
  • Low battery indication
  • AC Adapter
  • Weighing
  • Animal / dynamic weighing
Model CPWplus-35W CPWplus-75W CPWplus-150W CPWplus-200W
Adam Equipment CPWplus-35
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Adam Equipment CPWplus-75
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Adam Equipment CPWplus-15
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Adam Equipment CPWplus-20
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Capacity x Readability 75 x 0.02 lb 165 x 0.05 lb 330 x 0.1 lb 440 x 0.1 lb
35 kg x 0.01 kg 75 kg x 0.02 kg 150 kg x 0.05 kg 200 kg x 0.05 kg
Repeatability (S.D.) 0.02 lb
0.01 kg
0.05 lb
0.02 kg
0.1 lb
0.05 kg
0.1 lb
0.05 kg
Linearity (+/-) 0.04 lb
0.02 kg
0.1 lb
0.04 kg
0.2 lb
0.1 kg
0.2 lb
0.1 kg
Pan Size 19.7×19.7" / 500×500mm
Tare Full
Weighing Units Pound (lb), Kilogram (kg), Ounce (Oz), Pound-Ounce (lb-oz)
Applications Weighing, Animal / dynamic weighing
Stabilization Time 2-3 Sec
Type Handlebar frame and wheeled base for mobility
Interface RS-232 bi-directional Interface
Calibration Automatic external
Display 25mm Backlit LCD digits
Power supply 12 VAC, 500 mA Power Supply
Internal Rechargeable Battery
Operating temperature 32°F - 104°F
Dimensions notes Indicator: 220 x 95 x 43mm (w x d x h)






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